Activating the public to scale up the implementation of climate solutions

Climate change is the defining problem of our time. 

For years, the media has focused on the problems and unprecedented scale of climate change instead of on tangible solutions.

See Change turns despair about the climate crisis into hope for the future by telling well-told stories about regular citizens implementing a wide array of existing solutions to climate change.

Why See Change?

The effects of our overheating climate are already visible in daily life. What’s lacking are examples of solutions that regular people can implement to act in meaningful ways. 

For too long, communication about global warming has focused on dire warnings about rising sea levels and dying polar bears. The magnitude of the crisis has discouraged many from taking the action we need now, with meaningful solutions seeming to be out of reach for the average person.

Many are desperate to take effective action, but proposed solutions like “use fewer plastic straws” fail to rise to the challenge of an overheating climate.

Young Man with Microphone

See Change presents a toolkit for action and builds hope for the future

Tree Planting Volunteers

See Change showcases what to do about climate change and why. It gives viewers the agency they need – by learning from the actions of others. 

A new theory holds that our actions, not solely more information, change our beliefs. Showing others acting on climate normalizes the process while informing the viewer about how to get started and what to do to help solve the climate crisis.

Through a process of self-justification and self-persuasion, one small action will lead to another until, eventually, new views emerge that are bolstered by our efforts. By changing behavior, we can also change beliefs – the belief that we must act on the climate crisis.

Which solutions?

Many effective solutions to climate change exist. Most can and are being implemented by regular people. See Change is not about personal choices like recycling and installing LED light bulbs, but about changing the system itself.

We’re drawing on the work of the global nonprofit Project Drawdown. Its researchers have examined and ranked more than 100 solutions needed to transform how we consume, create, dispose of, power, and live to reduce climate emissions and increase carbon sequestration.

Every See Change story details how and why each story subject got started on their journey. Showing how to begin and what to do creates a recipe for action that can empower the audience to change the world.

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See Change is optimistic storytelling that employs a mix of drama, humor, spectacle, and authenticity to keep viewers coming back for more.

The connecting tissue in all of our stories are examples of meaningful solutions that people are implementing to address the climate emergency.

Let’s scale up the implementation of climate solutions by motivating the public to participate.

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